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Sunday, September 4, 2011

[SymbianBelle] CODeRUS CFW for N8

This is old mod. Message saved for history.
Last 111.020.0203 version mod here

- included my last unique installserver (for installing apps with any privileges, never been posted anywhere before)
- russian йцукен (qwerty) input and russian alphabetic-numeric input
- disabled charger notes
- блокировка экрана на кнопке выключения заменена на перезагрузку
- disabled popup when switching from offline to active profile
- disabled Note: Active diverts when call
- fake russian interface for working apps with russian interface
- touchscreen vibrate fix by dhdesigner
- java fix by dariolaiz
- list physics fix by Ancelad
- equalizer editing mod
- removed "nokia hands" on startup
- disabled menu key lights by Ancelad
- 1000 hs by jnx_r (after reflashing delete c:\private\10202be9\persists\200159c9.cre and reboot)
- manual edit logs store duration
- better list physics by Ancelad
- fixed chars for russian tags in mp3 (delete private\10281e17\[101ffc31]mpxv3_2i.db files after flashing)
- small interface fixies
- возвращена блокировка экрана в меню кнопки выключения
- !Reboot item in powerkey menu
- RDS name of FM transmitter changed to Nokia N8
- fixed names of connectivity modes in popup when USB cable plugged
- fixed creating new equalizer preset
- added russian letters in phone call keyboard
- all permissions for Java
- fixed GPRS/WiFi information in Logs
- sound option Camera 4now makes silent shutter
- disabled camera start/stop/autofocus sounds. If you want to return them copy files cameraappFocusSucc.wav cameraappStart.wav cameraappStop.wav from z:\system\sounds\digital\ to c:\system\sounds\digital\.
- сохранение снимков в папке Images (можно снять до 99999 снимков, далее файлы будут перезаписываться)
- fixed version in *#0000#
- removed popup on homescreen when new message received or present missed calls
- ЙЦУКЕН (QWERTY) keyboards changed to 4-lines. Thanks Jennmod for first 4-line keyboard mod.
- alphabetic-numeric keyboard writing delay for writing letters changed from 1s to 0.4s
- alphabetic-numeric keyboard delay for writing number changed from 0.6s to 0.2s
- disabled "Use Bluetooth in Offline mode?" query
- disabled "Use Wi-Fi in offline mode?" query
- disabled "Use Play via Radio in offline mode?" query
- disabled Play via radio turned on/off notes
- disabled Logs cleaning after changing SIM card
- small bugfixies
- Camera app saves images and photos in Camera folder

- z:\data\HallOfFame.txt and HallOfShame.txt contains nicknames of good and bad peoples.

[Modded ROFS2 file links]: [Rapidshare] [] 24.2 MB 7-Zip Archive
[Original CORE, ROFS3, UDA files]: [Rapidshare] [] 134MB 7-Zip Archive

How to flash?
- you should have Phoenix 2011 and any N8 firmware installed on PC
- in flashing window go to Options menu and remove all files except core, rofs2, rofs3, uda
- press Edit on every file and replace them all by Symbian Belle files
- press Refurbish and Enjoy =)
+ if you already have SymbianBelle, you can remove all files except rofs2 from list and reflash phone using Update Software button. It update only Z drive and keep old C drive.