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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Symbian Hack without PC. Vivaz too.

First of all thanks Kevin (Evilhawk00) and Amir (amirashkan2012) for info about UMU quarantine.
And of course thanks UMU for unsafe quarantine in UMU Mobile Security =)

Let's go!

1. install UMU*Hack.sisx. After installing application will be launched.
2. Accept connection ask (you can use WiFi)
3. Accept trial key
4. Accept license
5. Select Yes
6. Select No, then OK
7. Select Ok - Enter 123 - Retype 123
8. Press Options - Anti-Virus
9. Go to Quarantine
10. Options - Restore - Press Yes
11. Back - Home - Exit - Uninstall UMU Mobile Security
12. Enter 123 password for uninstallation
13. Install RomPatcherPlus_3.1.sisx - Launch it - Apply Open4all - You get full access to all folders
14. Apply installserver (if red cross - go here) - You can install any applications without signing.

Enjoy =)

Sony Ericcson:

I want to take this opportunity to convey greetings to Mr. Janne Ahlberg, Snr Product Security Manager, Issue mgmt. CTO Product Security. Nokia.