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Big thanks to Leonapapa, faenil, swmail, fonix232, wadowice, argie, Il.Socio

You are free to use my modifications in custom firmwares with an indication of my authorship of mods and link to this blog.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just HackIt! Automatic hack app.

Just HackIt! v1.1
by CODeRUS and Kolay

Updated 19.04.2011:
- RomPatcher installing fixies
- small fixies

Application for hacking NOKIA Symbian smartphones using this method -

1. Sign CertHack_Installer with your own devcert.
2. Install CertUpdater
3. Install signed CertHack_Installer
4. Launch HackIt! by icon from menu.
While hacking application install FileBrowser for S^3 and RomPatcher for other phones.
Also it copy installserver for 9.4 and S^3 phones.

If you getting any error just reboot phone and launch HackIt! again.
After successfully hacking delete HackIt! application.

Easy hack for you all!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New hack for all Symbian!

Hello! I present to you all newest and easiest method for hacking ALL Symbian phones!

Root Certificate Hack!
Author: stas686
CertHack.sis made by CODeRUS, but all respect please to stas686!

Download archive - or

1. Install CertUpdater.sisx
2. Sign CertHack.sis using your own Devcert
3. Install signed CertHack twice!
-. Phone now hacked!

You can sign and install any package using Leftup certificate (see folder)

Is it Easy? Yes, it is VERY Easy!
Fast and easy hacks to you all!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

[update] eikcoctl mod for S^3

-[New] Remove "Help" menu item from system applications
- include remove "Open applications"
- include remove "Text copied to clipboard" note

Not compatible with Anna or Belle

If you already have my old eikcoctl mod:
- unpack archive and copy folders to phone
- reboot
- after reboot move e:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll to c:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll
- delete c:\sys\hash\eikcoctl.dll
- reboot
- delete e:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll
- Enjoy!

If you first install my eikcoctl mod:
- copy eikcoctl.dll from e folder from archive to c:\sys\bin\eikcoctl.dll
- reboot
- Enjoy!

Item is removed is not everywhere. So it should be.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Song Metadata editing S^3

Ny mew mod for editing track details.
Unpack to C drive using FileBrowser and reboot phone.
Then open Music Player, select Track, go to Options -> Details -> Options -> Edit
After editing go to Options -> Save

Avialable only for PR1.2
I'm not developing this mod for anna and belle. And will not develop.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Equalizer editing mod S^3

First of all thanks ararat_555 for idea.

My next project in modding S^3 using Raptor.

Mod enable to create/modify/delete equalizer presets.
You can edit preinstalled presets and create your own.

Download link -
Extract archive contents to C drive.

installserver for S^3

modded installserver for S^3

allows to install usigned apps with all capabilities
Reloaded: installserver was recompiled from souce code. All checkings disabled by default (additional checkings as Component "built-in" removed)

Thanks to Leonapapa for info, tools and support!

Update 03.04.11:
- full fixed last Update errors. Testers said there are no more errors. PROJECT CLOSED.

Update 29.03.11:
- fixed Update error message when PU installation type

Update 21.03.11:
- bugfixes
- new log bonus feature

create installserver dir in any drive root (F->C), and when installing any app/game all content will be copied to this directory