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Sunday, August 14, 2011

FullScreen Swipe Menu v2 Mod for Symbian^3

New mod again

small update:
- fixed anti-aliasing style for fonts.

update 15.08.2011
- scalable font! now font size proportional to the value height in mul_title
- create c:\system\grid\swapswipe file to change left-right swipe actions

- Fullscreen menu, scrollbar disabled in view mode. Scrollbar present only in organize mode.
- Grid custom config placed to c:\system\grid\custom\. You also can use lct config from z:\resource\grid, just copy it to c:\system\grid
- Added swipe left and swipe right. Mapped to softkeys actions.
- Only grid view! List view and help items disabled.

For installing unpack archive to C drive, apply c2z4bin patch, and reboot menu (or kill menu process and launch menu again)

Thanks Ancelad for custom menu grids for this mod.

Additional grids: